We are private individuals, like-minded people. Realizing the difficulties , which emerged in Ukraine, we made a decision to take no weapon, but to do everything for saving as much as possible the number of lives in Antiterrorism area. Our goal is to save life.

Tasks are following 

The evacuation of the injured people to the place of medical care. Maintaining the health of soldiers in Antiterrorism area.

The story of one man

Everything started with the "Maidan"! Ilya Lysenko Dzhonovich was the volunteer and helped the wounded at the Medical Staff. National resistance was attached to the self-defense units ,who took the custody of Mezhyhirya residence. The main task was to keep the clinic and to arrange medical care of self-defense. Since the formation of the first battalion of the National Guards in the village Petrivtsi Ilya Lysenko, together with Armen Nikoghosyan took part in the organization of medical care unit. It is for the task of the National Medical Service Staff the resistance allocated ambulances – the legend evacuation of wounded and dead people on Grushevskiy and Bankova Streets. Once there were many events, people, power stations and units. Ilya got the call, "Boroda" ,which turned into HOTTABYCH. The number of ambulances has increased to 4, he project of auto-bath "Moidodyr was launched ,it was planned the purchase of two ambulances, security vehicles. We are all participants of the "Emergency Medical Services “HOTTABYCH”, who are working for one goal like in a fairy tale, old wizard can fulfill a wish. A desire one thing is to live!
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